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Minds are being troubled at Central School, as “anxiety” swoops in.

Aidan gets nervous about speaking in class and has anxiety about being bullied at school. Sophia doesn’t like trying new things and experiences a lot of symptoms of anxiety in her body. Hailey lets little thoughts become big worries about the future.

Everyone experiences anxiety, but everyone experiences it differently. Join us as we get a unique glimpse into the minds of Mrs. Johnson’s students and learn more about the difficulties they face, and how they deal with those challenges.


This book also contains activities and worksheets to help students correct thinking that causes anxiety, to become more aware of how breathing exercises can be calming, and to replace negative thoughts and emotions with positive thoughts and emotions (CBT). Permission is given to copy worksheets for educational use.

This is the sequel to “I Kicked the Ball in Gym Class” and the prequel to “The Anti-Bullying Project.”

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