the story

What is “foster care” and what will happen to Emma?

This book traces the story of a little girl as she leaves in a car, goes to respite, then into her long-term foster home. Once Emma is in her foster home, there are other adjustments, such as starting a new school, going to a new doctor, and to a dentist.

There is a discussion about anxiety, what it is and where we feel it in our body, as this is a common emotion that children moving into foster care experience.

It also traces supervised visits with her mom, then unsupervised visits, moving to overnight visits.



At the end of the book, Emma is able to move back home with her mom.  It explains that some children go home, others live with a family member, and others stay in foster care.  The important thing is they are surrounded by people who love them and can properly take care of them.

This book will help children understand the sequence of events that occurs when going into foster care, and alleviate the anxiety of not knowing what to expect. 

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