Book Release!

My newest novel for adults, a Shifter Romance, is now available on Amazon!

What is a “Shifter” novel?

A “Shifter” novel includes shape-shifters, usually humans that can transform into other animals or creatures.

An example of a shifter novel is “Twilight”. Shifter novels are in the “Paranormal Romance” genre. 

Marked Exchange: The Story

In her quest to find her missing sister, Darla is thrown into the world of shape-shifters, humans who can shift into animal form, and their strange customs. 

When she unexpectedly becomes the trophy in an arena fight, Darla looks on as one shifter battles for her freedom. He may win her as a reward, but can he also win her love? 

Darla questions his motives, just as she questions her own feelings for him. Is there a future for them together, or will she end up as part of a marked exchange?

Marked Exchange Cover

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New Release! “Marked Exchange”