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The coronavirus has spread through the community surrounding Central, and the school makes some changes while the kids learn about COVID. Then Hailey and the other students are sent home. What will they do?

Make a “Pandemic Plan” with Hailey, a “Daily Schedule” with Aidan, do a “Thought Hunt”, and start a “Feelings Journal”. Also, find out what the other kids are up to while they are at home!


This book includes worksheets, and permission has been given by the author that they may be photocopied for educational purposes. Both the worksheets and the full book PDF can be downloaded below in the “FREE” section, for educational use.

Paperback and hardcover versions are available at:

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kids & covid questions

video-book & activities

narrated video-book & instructions for activities


free pdf book, worksheets, and posters for educational use

Full book pdf

Kids & covid questions

The full book in PDF form, free for educational use.  The book is narrated in the video further up the page.  Suggested uses for the PDF: in the classroom, on Zoom, at home.  Click on picture above to download.


worksheets pdf

Feelings, CBT, planning

Five worksheets from the book, Kids & COVID Questions.  The instructions for the worksheets, geared towards children, can be found in the second half of the video further up the page, in the Activities section.  Click on picture above to download.


color poster PDF

public health

A color poster summarizing the guidelines given by public health.  Click on picture above to download.



B & W poster PDF

public health

A black and white poster summarizing the guidelines given by public health.  Click on picture above to download.

the “A*place” project

Addressing pandemic life-changes affecting children emotionally

This project is supported by Mississauga Arts Council, and RAMA Gaming Centre through the Mississauga Charitable Gaming Association.


Addressing Pandemic Life-changes Affecting Children Emotionally (A*PLACE)


To provide local schools with resources to help children with social and emotional needs

paperback books

To provide “Kids & COVID Questions” paperback books to local schools

free downloads

To provide free downloads of the eBook, worksheets, and posters


To provide a free video-book with activities to help build emotional coping skills


To provide free workshops for educators and for the community

thank you to our grantors

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