Social Educational Resources Campaign

I’m starting a campaign to get my children’s book, “The Anti-Bullying Project”, into the hands of the children who would benefit from it.  The book is available in print and ebook on Amazon and at other retailers, but I would like to offer a full 140 page PDF download, with 75 pages of activities and worksheets included, for free to the general public if I raise enough through Patreon. The PDF download would also be hosted on my website 

I have made dozens of children’s activity pages and printable worksheets that will be available for parents and educators for free, to use in the classroom or at home.  I have given permission for educators to photocopy the activities and worksheets. Support through Patreon is what will make it possible for me to keep creating educational material like the example below, and offering it for free. An example of an activity page found in the book:

The accompanying worksheet:

The worksheets are designed to help build self esteem and confidence, to develop problem-solving and leadership skills, and to address the issue of bullying.  In addition to being immersed in the arts, I have a Masters Degree in Counseling, and specialized with children. I hope to have the campaign up and running within a few weeks, but need your support to do so. Thank you for supporting me!